GPS Self Run Treasure Hunt for One Team

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The city streets are your playground for this team treasure hunt activity – a chance to get out and about, explore, discover and enjoy this unique and interactive game. Using a tablet or smartphone as your very own personal tour guide, this is an activity with an interactive twist – an opportunity to join together with friends and family and uncover city hotspots, test your knowledge, earn points and have lots of fun! The GPS city explorer combines historical and local news with video clips, questions and facts about gruesome horrible histories, musicians, bands, sports personalities, famous people, local food and drink and a whole lot more – awesome!


Because it is self run, the treasure hunt can be conducted on any day. For flexibility, it is possible to run it on any day up to four weeks after the date it has been booked for.


The weather does not affect whether or not the experience can go ahead, treasure hunts can take place in any weather.

How long does the experience last?

The treasure hunt lasts around 90 minutes. Due to the length of tablet/phone battery life, we recommend completion within two hours.

How many other people?

We recommend a maximum team size of five participants.

Can I take people to watch?

This experience is designed exclusively for the team taking part.

What do I wear?

Dress comfortably and with the vagaries of the weather on the day. Bear in mind that the team are on the move and outside throughout the treasure hunt.

Are there any restrictions?

This experience is for one team only. There is no age restriction but under 16’s should be accompanied by an adult.

Anything Else?

A fully charged UK based smartphone or tablet is required for the treasure hunt (there is no charge for texting answers). A QR code and info are sent electronically and the app must be downloaded to get things started.

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