Driving a Steam Engine with Churnet Valley Railway

A fun Experience within easy reach of Cheddleton, Staffordshire.

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The perfect experience for a true train lover, take control of a historic steam locomotive with a rake of carriages and recreate the wonderful era of steam travel. Under the guidance of an expert crew, experience what it’s like to both drive and fire the engine on two round trips (one firing, one driving). Covering a total of 22 miles, blow the whistle, feel the power of the engine and bring along up to six of your friends or family to ride in one of the carriages. There are plenty of photo opportunities during the journey and the Churnet scenery looks truly unforgettable from the driver’s post. Finish by taking home a certificate and a polo shirt to remember the day, as well as membership to the North Staffordshire Railway Company Ltd.


Runs on selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year.


Trips are only ever cancelled in severe snow or floods.

How long does the experience last?

Lasts between three and four hours with around two – three hours of driving.

How many other people?

Share the experience with one other train enthusiast.

Can I take people to watch?

Up to six spectators can come along for the ride.

What do I wear?

A boiler suit or jeans and a jumper are recommended. Wear a sturdy pair of shoes or boots (toe capped shoes preferably).

Are there any restrictions?

Minimum age is 18 and maximum age is 70. The venue can generally cater for those with disabilities but participants must be able to climb the steps into the cab (please quote any specific requirements at point of booking).

Anything Else?

North Staffordshire Railway Company membership includes reduced fares on the railway, the ‘Knotty’ magazine (published three times a year) and the chance to take part in special events.

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