Zombie Infection Experience for Two

Zombie Infection Experience for Two

Test your nerve with this bloodcurdling zombie encounter for two

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Do you dare take on this terrifying Zombie Infection experience? With the whole country descending into panic, it is the job of you and the veteran zombie team to secure the last remaining safe locations. It won’t be straightforward, of course. Along the way, you’ll come face-to-face with gruesome zombies, who’ll test both your mettle and your stamina. Team work is paramount and you’ll have to make great use of the limited resources available if you are to survive this apocalyptic time. Each location has been chosen for its grandeur and representation of the decay of society, adding authenticity to the story. Do you have the nerve to take on the challenge?

Extra information about this Other Experiences experience

Upon arrival, you and your guest will be met at the entrance of the location and briefed on the experience and weapons before receiving your mission briefing. You’ll be place in up to 4 operational teams, before deploying into the infected area.