Zombie Court House Experience for Two

Zombie Court House Experience for Two

You and your favourite adrenaline hunter can take on a zombie challenge like you’ve never seen before at The Courthouse

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For an exciting zombie experience, straight out of your favourite movies The Courthouse is the only place you need to be. Grab your fellow adrenaline hunter and put your skills to the test in this immersive and theatrical experience that turns fantasy into reality. Armed with a real imitation firearm you’ll be taking on the apocalyptic HARVERTECH, preventing them from releasing a deadly virus on the world. You won’t be alone though, your operational team will have your back all the way, helping you to destroy the infected and undead you’ll meet along the way as you fight to take control of the building and complete the challenging missions set. However, rising to the winners table will take more than a shoot first, think later strategy, you’ll need creative thinking and intelligent problem solving to halt the zombie apocalypse.

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You’ll be greeted at The Courthouse where you’ll begin a safety and weapons briefing, before hearing the missions briefing and being allocated a team. Once you’re all kitted out it’s time to storm The Courthouse and reclaim the building from the apocalyptic HARVERTECH.