Zombie Boot Camp – After Dark Experience for One

Zombie Boot Camp - After Dark Experience for One

Discover the darkness as you take on the living dead with this exhilarating late-night thrill

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It’s time to walk into the darkness and fight the Zombies in the dead of the night! You’ll battle through the cold and the dark as you come face-to-face with your nightmares and take on the living dead using a variety of weapons and the training you’ll receive from ex-military instructors! You’ll run down darkened corridors with alarms blaring, using your bravery and wits to clear a decontamination facility of the infected! This action-packed experience is an exhilarating and unforgettable fright-fest!

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This REAL ACTION event is your chance to face your fears and walk into the darkness for the ultimate zombie battle! On arrival you will receive a safety brief then undergo limited weapons training. You will then be organised in to small squads of up to four participants. You will be issued with a stab vest, bump cap, safety spectacles and a pair of gloves. If the weather is wet we will provide a set of waterproofs. There is not a lot of time to hang around – once your training is complete you and your squad will be catapulted into the challenging pitch-black battle ground! Run down darkened corridors and come face to face with your nightmares. You will need to make split decisions – delay and suffer at the hands of the undead! With alarms blaring, clear the decontamination facility of the infected, with only moments to recover before jumping back into the fray. Once your first battle is over it’s just a short wait before the action kicks off again! You’ll climb into the van in squads of 8 – with blue lights flashing it’s time for another showdown with walking dead. Do you have what it takes to take down these monsters as they attack in the cold and dark of the night?