The Asylum Horror Experience

The Asylum Horror Experience

Battle infected inmates and take control of The Asylum with this terrifying horror experience!

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A bio-chemical company has been secretly experimenting on inmates at The Asylum, and the infected test subjects have managed to take over the facility – do you have what it takes to regain control? This exhilarating and terrifying horror experience will see you battling fearsome characters and facing your worst nightmares as you work your way through dark corridors and attempt to restrain these crazed monsters. A truly extreme and completely original adrenaline-pumping experience!

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The story: A bio-chemical company has been secretly experimenting on inmates at The Asylum, attempting to combat the lethal effects of biological weapons. The infected inmates have been able to escape their holding cells and take over the facility – your mission is to regain control of the facility before the test subjects are able to gain entry to the laboratory and get their hands on the virus.On arrival you will receive a safety brief and sign a safety waiver, before being issues with a helmet, body armour, leg and arm armour. Your experience will be split into the following sections: Training: You will be split into teams of 4 or 6 for basic training. Learn the techniques to deal will the criminally insane and the undead and understand the importance of teamwork, courage and determination. Mission 1 – Clearance Op: This phase involves searching a mega complex of rooms and corridors to search out and identify the threat. Your instructors will offer hints and encouragement, but it’s up to you and your team to deal with whatever comes your way. Be prepared to come into contact with some pretty fearsome characters, and watch out for the infected clowns! Not everyone in the group will survive contact, so be warned! Mission 2 – Containment: Once you have rested and been re-briefed, prepare to re-enter the fray. The infected inmates need to be locked back in their cells – this sounds easier than it is! They will bite, scratch, spit and kick as you attempt to force them into individual cells. Be careful – someone may get kidnapped, and guess who has to free them? Mission 3 – Search and Destroy: The final mission – you have been ordered to mount up on the vans and sort out a lapse of security at the research facility, using lethal force. Break out the tranquiliser guns and head into the unknown, making sure to listen to advice from the medical team as you locate, restrain, and then administer a lethal injection. Make sure you get the dose right though, otherwise you may create a turbo-zombie!