Tandem Skydiving for Four

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Flying towards the earth from an altitude of 10,000 feet may not be considered the norm, but it’s sure to be an incredible buzz! When friends and loved ones question your sanity, you can reassure them you’re in safe hands as you’ll be strapped (literally) to a full qualified instructor throughout the jump. The session begins with around an hour of instruction on skydiving and landing methods before you board the plane. Once secured to your instructor and after a few deep breaths, you’ll jump from the plane, experiencing a jaw-dropping freefall for 30 seconds. The instructor will then open the parachute and you’ll both slowly descend to firm ground whilst admiring the scenery and coming to terms with the adrenaline rush.


Weekends and some weekdays, they also operate on bank holidays. The venue is closed from mid December to the first week of March annually. We recommend booking several weeks in advance, even earlier for summer weekend dates.


The jump itself is subject to weather conditions and cancellations for this reason are made with your safety in mind. Please call the centre around 5.30pm the day before your booking to check the weather.

How long does the experience last?

How long you’ll be there depends on the weather and the number of participants on the day. Please expect to be at the venue for anything from several hours to a full day, including some waiting time.

How many other people?

Your training might be shared, your jump is on a one-to-one with a fully qualified skydiver.

Can I take people to watch?

Spectators are welcome, but please note that covered space and facilities are limited if the weather’s bad. Get them to bring a camera and binoculars.

What do I wear?

Dress warmly and comfortably and wear trainers, NOT hard boots. Jump suits and all other equipment will be provided.

Are there any restrictions?

Max fully clothed weight is 15 stone for men and 13 stone for women. Minimum height 4′ 6”. Min age 16. Under 18’s need written parental consent. All jumpers are required to complete a health and safety form to confirm they are fit and able to jump.

Anything Else?

Please be aware that we require 21 days notice to make any booking changes or cancellations for this particular experience. The jump can be filmed by a professional skydiving cameraman. To upgrade, please call us quoting ref SKVKW.

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