Tandem Bungee Jumping

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Always fancied bungee jumping, but too scared to do it alone? This is an experience guaranteed to bring people closer together, and the moment will be captured on video footage to buy for around £15. Start off being helped into a bungee harness and getting strapped tightly together face to face, before hopping into the crane lift and going up about 160 feet above the ground. Then after a few deep breaths, it’s time to bungee jump. Both plummet towards the ground before the bungee rope reaches its return point and pings back skywards. Try something new with a bungee jumping experience for two.


Weekend dates throughout the year. Frequency varies between venues.


High winds or heavy rain might prevent your jump going ahead. If in doubt, call the venue to check before you leave.

How long does the experience last?

After registering you’ll be allocated a bungee time slot; you can reasonably expect to jump within an hour. Safety checks, briefing and harnessing take a few minutes. Your jump will last just a few heart-stopping seconds.

How many other people?

Up to 100 others will also jump on the day.

Can I take people to watch?

Spectators are welcome – get them to bring along a camera or video.

What do I wear?

Wear long trousers rather than a skirt (you’ll be upside down!). Glasses and contact lenses must be removed prior to jumping.

Are there any restrictions?

Min age 14. Under 16’s need a parent/guardian’s signature. Jumpers aged 50 and over will need to produce a doctor’s certificate. Must be in good health and inform us of any medical conditions beforehand, as they may prohibit you jumping.

Anything Else?

Conditions that will prevent you from jumping include high blood pressure, heart condition, dizziness/epilepsy, pregnancy, asthma, neurological condition and diabetes.

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