Tandem Bungee Jump

Tandem Bungee Jump

Take that big step with someone you love

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3, 2, 1, BUNGEE! These are the last words you and your friend will hear before launching yourself from a 160ft platform and plummeting rapidly towards the ground! Once you have jumped you will both share a euphoric sense of achievement with the knowledge that you have overcome your fears and jumped with nothing more than an elastic band to save you!

Extra information about this Extreme experience

On arrival you must complete a registration form for insurance purposes. You both will be given a full safety briefing and weighed – this ensures they get the Bungee rope length correct. From there you proceed to the bungee cage where you are securely attached to each other. The cage is then slowly raised to 160ft to ensure you are both more than a little scared. Then it’s time for the easy bit, just jump!! Video footage of your jump, photos of the experience and other merchandise is available for purchase on the day. No under 14s. If you are under 16 years you need a parents or guardians permission and signature. Over 50s require a doctors certificate. If you present a doctors certificate on the day you will be required to sign a non standard waiver. No glasses or hard contact lenses can be worn. Please dress according to the weather as there may be no shelter. Maximum combined weight is 209kg.