Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

Discover all aspects of helicopter flight!

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You’re guaranteed to love this fantastic flying lesson. You’ll receive expert guidance and tuition from an experienced pilot during your 20 minute lesson, which is split into three exciting sections – one as pilot, one as navigator and one as observer. What’s more, your experience will even include a thrilling hover challenge; and with 6 locations to choose from, you’re never too far from the action!

Extra information about this Flying experience

Upon arrival your friendly and experienced instructor will give you a full safety brief, along with a discussion on effects of controls and theory of flight. Your 20 minute flight will consist of three legs of 6/7 minutes – one leg as pilot, one as navigator and one as observer – including a hover challenge. You will receive a de-brief on landing. The pilot leg can count towards your pilot’s licence.