Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

Save 44% and take the wheel of a supercar of your choice for up to six miles

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Put your foot on the accelerator, feel the rumble of the engine and discover the incredible power of some of the world’s most prestigious and spectacular supercars with this truly unforgettable driving experience. Available at 21 locations UK wide – including Surrey – this adrenaline pumping treat gives you the chance to drive one of 11 supercars of your choice for up to six incredible miles! Whether you choose to experience the finesse of the Ferrari, the style of the Lamborghini or the raw power of the Ariel Atom, you’ll love this exciting experience – and what’s more, you’ll even be treated to a thrilling high speed passenger ride!

Extra information about this Driving experience

Upon arrival you will be introduced to your supercar instructor, who will give you a demonstration lap in a saloon car, including in-car briefing (not included at Blyton Park, Heyford Park, North Weald or Stafford). Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for – your chance to drive a supercar of your choice for six miles (3-4 laps depending on location)! Please note that at the Chipping Norton location you will drive approximately 2.25 miles in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage or Ferrari 360 and you will receive a 3 lap high speed passenger ride in an Ariel Atom. At all other locations you will be able to drive one of the following supercars: -Ferrari 360/F430/458 (model varies depending on location) -Aston Martin V8 Vantage/DB9 (model varies depending on location) -Audi R8 -Lamborghini Gallardo/LP640 (model depends on location)-Porsche 997 Turbo/911 (not available at Stafford) -Ariel Atom (not available at Blyton Park, North Weald or Stafford) -Nissan GTR (not available at Blyton Park or North Weald) -Caterham (Carver Mod, MIRA, Cotswold Airfield, Mintex and Aldershot only) -Bentley-F-Type Jaguar (Donington Heritage Site and York Tockwith only)-McLaren MP4-12c (Llanbedr Track only)It doesn’t end there though; next up is a thrilling high speed passenger ride in a saloon car (Ariel Atom at Carver Mod, Mintex and Aldershot). Hold on tight as the experienced instructor races the car at high speed around the track – the ultimate experience for adrenaline junkies! At the Stafford and Prestwold locations spectators will receive a passenger ride in a 4×4 off-road vehicle. At the end of your experience you will receive an individual driving certificate to commemorate your day.