Spy Academy Half Price Special Offer

Spy Academy Half Price Special Offer

Learn the secrets of international espionage – now with 50% off!

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This exciting half day experience will show you the skills needed to conduct top secret espionage. Conducted by ex-Police Force or Special Forces experts, you will receive instruction on weapons handling and unarmed combat, alongside the latest in high-tech spy gadgetry such as listening devices and covert cameras. When trouble now calls, you’ll be prepared!

Extra information about this Lifestyle experience

The three hour experience is the perfect treat for the wannabe spy, and you’ll receive tuition from ex-Police Force or Special Forces experts as you take part in activities including: Weapons Can you hit the target using high powered telescopic Sniper Rifles? Under the watchful eye of ex-military instructors you will be shown how to take that perfect shot! Issued with a high powered airsoft machine gun you will carry out contact drills and fire manoeuvre techniques with 6mm BB pellets in order to complete your objective. Unarmed Combat/Gadgets When the bombs and bullets run out this instruction on unarmed combat techniques will prove useful when cornered by enemy agents! Watch a demonstration on a selection of surveillance equipment, such as covert cameras, trackers, and bugging devices used in real life operations. Laser Combat/Pistol Two selected Teams battle it out using our infra-red laser combat weapons. These weapons are great fun and accurate up to 100 metres and you don’t get covered in bruises! You will be taught how to draw the pistol at speed from a holster and then take part in a quick draw competition!