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Get some practice in before going on holiday with a snowboarding lesson at SnowDome, the UK’s top indoor real snow centre. You’ll start off with a safety briefing and an introduction to all the equipment (which is all included). Then you’ll try out some basic moves and find out whether you’re a ‘regular foot’ or ‘goofy foot’ – that is, whether your leading leg is your left or your right. You’ll get to grips with the right stance for balance, and then move on to gaining control of the toe edge and heel edge of the board and going down the slope, and back again – the ‘falling leaf’ manoeuvre. Your qualified instructor will be on hand throughout, to give you loads of help and to pick you up when you topple over.


Seven days a week, subject to availability.


SnowDome’s real snow-covered slopes are indoors, so this experience won’t be affected by the weather.

How long does the experience last?

Your experience will last for just under two hours, including a 10 minute briefing and an hour and 45 minutes on the snow. Please arrive a few minutes early to have your boots and board fitted.

How many other people?

A maximum of six people take part in each lesson with a qualified instructor.

Can I take people to watch?

Friends and family can come along and watch you. There are excellent facilities for spectators and good views of the main slope from the balcony.

What do I wear?

Wrap up in lots of warm layers. Wear waterproofs (top and trousers) if you’ve got them. Warm gloves are essential. A snowboard, boots and protective headwear will be provided. There are (20p chargable) lockers and changing rooms available.

Are there any restrictions?

Minimum age is 17. You’ll need to be reasonably physically fit. This experience is ideal for complete beginners.

Anything Else?

Other on-site activities include tobogganing, adrenalin tubing, and ice-skating. SnowDome also has two bars and restaurants on-site.

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