Secret Agent Experience Day Special Offer

Secret Agent Experience Day Special Offer

Learn the art of espionage in this thrilling Secret Agent day

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You’ll learn everything you need to become an International Super Spy with this fantastic full day spy experience. A wonderful treat for anyone who has ever dreamed of being Bond, you’ll learn how to become a sniper, take on a course of laser alarms, discover the secrets of unarmed combat, drive speedy, off-road buggies and even have a go at firing a pistol! A truly unforgettable day of excitement, exhilaration and fun!

Extra information about this Lifestyle experience

This exciting experience is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered if they’ve got what it takes to be a super spy! You’ll receive expert guidance from an experienced instructor throughout this six-hour experience, and you’ll take part in activities including:Off Road Buggies Race around a challenging circuit on speedy Bocart Off Road Buggies. Blank Firing PistolsAs close to firing a real 9mm semi-automatic pistol as you can get, you’ll also learn magazine changes and stoppage drills.Sniper ShootingLearn the techniques to become a top sharp shooter as well as firing positions from behind cover and vehicle windows. Laser Room Manoeuvre your way through live lasers without breaking the beam – you’ll need stealth and agility to pass the test without losing your lives! Unarmed CombatYou’ll be taught blocks, knife defence, wrist locks and take downs -perfect for taking down enemies when you’ve lost your weapons!