Off Road Multi Drive Experience

Off Road Multi Drive Experience

An incredible adrenaline thrill – drive a 4×4 blindfolded!

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Enjoy a crazy day of motoring action and test your driving skills on very different modes of transport! This fantastic three hour event gives you the chance to drive off road buggies and off road Segways, as well as taking on the ultimate challenge – drive an off road 4×4 while blindfolded! With an hour on each vehicle and full tuition from your expert instructor this is guaranteed to be an adrenaline-pumping experience to remember!

Extra information about this Driving experience

This incredible experience gives you the chance to enjoy three exciting activities and take control of three very different vehicles: Off Road Buggies Using Bocart Off Road Buggies you’ll race around a circuit reaching speeds of up to 30mph. The buggies are very simple to operate with only two pedals for accelerator and brake. If the weather’s wet and muddy these are really great fun but we can’t guarantee you staying clean! Waterproofs are provided. Segways These are fantastic fun but you’ll need a reasonable sense of balance to master going forwards, backwards and round bends. Starting in the training paddock you’ll be taught by an expert and shown how to manoeuvre the Segway. You’ll then move onto the off road circuit incorporating turns and bumps and a few obstacles Blindfolded 4×4 Drive This is a real communication test between driver and navigator! Whilst you’re behind the wheel you’ll need to drive the vehicle around a designated course – sounds easy, but the problem is you’ll be blindfolded the whole time! Whilst you have controls of the vehicle your passenger needs to give precise and clear instructions as to where to go, how fast and when to brake!