Military Manoeuvres

Military Manoeuvres

Take control of four of the world’s meanest military vehicles

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Ever wanted to command a tank or steer a Stalwart? Well this is your chance. Military Manoeuvres is an action packed morning giving you the opportunity to navigate three military vehicles across a course of challenging terrain. Military vehicle specialists will impart their extensive knowledge of these powerful machines before letting you get behind the wheel to take control.

Extra information about this Driving experience

You are invited to arrive at the site at 8:30am for an introductory brief and refreshments. The military vehicle specialist will then spend time talking through the vehicles you will be driving and the course you will be using. The training begins around 9:45am with each person learning how to operate vehicles over a variety of demanding terrain. There are further refreshments and a debrief at 1:00pm. Please note that the exact vehicles used are subject to availability but should include a selection of an a Snowcat, Load Carrier Alvis Stalwart, FV433 Abbot SPC, APCs, FV432s, Ferret Scout Car or Hagglund Snowcat. Please note that you will drive three and not all of these vehicles. Please enquire upon booking as to what you might expect on your chosen date.