Lovers’ Leap Bungee Jump in Northern Ireland

We love this Experience within easy reach of Belfast, County Antrim.

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Bungee jumping is a thrilling experience which is best shared with a loved one (or friend if preferred). Once securely harnessed together, ascend to the top of a whopping 160 foot crane and prepare for the ride of a lifetime! Step out onto the jump platform and after some gentle encouragement, take a giant leap – in unison, plummet towards the ground before being pinged back into the sky with incredible force. Once back on solid ground, share a refreshing half bottle of champagne to mark the occasion in style. There is even a chance to purchase footage of the jump to relive this exhilarating experience again and again.


Weekend dates around twice a year.


High winds or heavy rain might prevent the jump going ahead. If in doubt, call the venue to check before leaving.

How long does the experience last?

After registering, a bungee time slot is allocated and the jump usually takes place within an hour. Safety checks, briefing and harnessing take around three minutes and the jump itself lasts just a few heart stopping seconds.

How many other people?

Up to 100 others also jump on the day.

Can I take people to watch?

Spectators are welcome – get them to bring along a camera or video.

What do I wear?

Wear long trousers rather than a skirt (you’ll be upside down!). Glasses and hard contact lenses must be removed prior to jumping.

Are there any restrictions?

Min age 14. Under 16’s need a parent/guardian’s signature. Max weight is 120kg (18.9st), waist size between 40cm – 125cm. Over 50’s must produce a doc’s certificate. MUST be in good health and inform of any medical conditions beforehand.

Anything Else?

Conditions that prohibit people from jumping include high blood pressure, heart condition, dizziness/epilepsy, pregnancy, asthma, neurological condition and diabetes.

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