London Underground Treasure Hunt for Two

London Underground Treasure Hunt for Two

Go deep under London’s streets and hunt for treasure on the underground!

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Green Park tube station will be your starting point for a truly unique adventure! The Master of the Hunt will be on hand to distribute treasure hunt packs, full of tricky challenges that will challenge body and mind. Take part in your exciting treasure hunt in teams of 2 to 6, over two hours. At the end of the hunt, prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed teams of official London Underground Merchandise plus consolation prizes for all teams taking part, making it a fun day out for all. To make the treasure hunt extra tricky, the devious scheming Agent Orange will be on the underground, trying to trick your team and prevent you from winning the prizes! Will you be ready to outsmart him and win?

Extra information about this Lifestyle experience

Join an exciting Treasure Hunt where all the clues are on the London Underground network. Teams start outside Leicester Square tube where they are met by The Master of The Hunt and are given their Treasure Hunt pack. As well as finding the treasure, teams of 2, 3 or 4 are also set various physical and intellectual challenges. A few of the challenges are quirky and entertaining meaning that the event is challenging and fun at the same time. Two hours later you must return to Leicester Square where your team’s scores are totalled by The Master of The Hunt and prizes are awarded to all members of the winning team as well as prizes to all members of the 2nd, and 3rd placed teams, and some booby prizes to the team that didn’t score well but that came up with the most entertaining answers! The Treasure Hunt finishing at 8.30pm.