Kids Spy Camp

Kids Spy Camp

The ultimate experience for any young secret agent!

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Give your kids the time of their lives at spy school. They will learn how to operate hidden cameras, bugging devices and radio equipment, take part in a shoot-out using state of the art laser tag guns, dodge laser beams to crack open the safe against the clock, learn how to quick draw their pistol from a holster and finally crack codes to de-activate the bomb as the clock ticks away. Can they crack it before time runs out? Only those with stealth, agility and cunning will find out!

Extra information about this Lifestyle experience

A fantastic 3 hour experience for any young secret agent! The Spy Camp agents will take part in a variety of secret agent activities, including: Sniper Shooting (1hr) Using high powered telescopic air rifles, can you hit the target? Firing at static targets, the group will be given full support and tuition on how to operate and fire the weapon by qualified instructors. Laser Combat Teams battle it out using infra-red Pulse Ranger laser weapons! Issued with your weapon and helmet, teams will go head to head in the combat zone in which staying low and moving fast will be key! Bomb De-activation Can you de-activate the bomb before the time is up? As a special agent you will need to decipher a series of cryptic clues to work out the correct sequence of wires to disconnect an electronic ‘bomb’. Airsoft Shooting Plus Pistol Draw (1hr)Equipped with a drop leg holster and yellow pistol you will be shown how to draw the weapon in the correct fashion and of course at speed! Gadgets and Code Breaking Plus Laser Room (1hr)Watch a demonstration on various surveillance equipment such as covert cameras, trackers and bugging devices used in real life operations. Entering into a laser alarmed room, agents will be tested to see if they have the stealth to cross the room without breaking the beams as the clock ticks away!