Jetsurf Introductory Session in Bedfordshire

A lovely Vintage Flying Experience within easy reach of Wyboston, Bedfordshire.

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Many might wonder how the thrilling sport of surfing could possibly be made more extreme, more enjoyable and more daring. Well, watersporting fans rejoice – now there’s jetsurfing! It’s exactly what it sounds like: a carbon fiber surfboard-shaped hull with a light, internal two stroke engine that goes like a jet without the need for the exotic waves not often found on the UK coast. A handheld throttle controls speed, and shifting body weight changes direction as in many boarding sports. Beginners are just as welcome as experienced watersporting enthusiasts; this one on one session begins with a safety briefing and intro, before two closely supervised training sessions on the lake, each lasting twenty minutes.


Available weekends, plus occasional weekday afternoons and evenings year-round. Please book several weeks in advance to secure your chosen date.


Jet sufing can take place all year round, although winter tends to see only hardened water sports enthusiasts brave the cold waves. We recommend between March and November.

How long does the experience last?

Lasts around an hour and a half, including getting kit on, a 30 minute introduction and safety briefing and 40 minutes of jetsurfing. Please arrive 30 minutes before your session is due to start.

How many other people?

The first session is held on a one-to-one basis with a qualified instructor.

Can I take people to watch?

Friends and family are welcome to come along and watch from the bar but there is no viewing platform.

What do I wear?

You will get wet during this experience. Please bring a towel, warm clothes to change into and sunscreen if necessary. All necessary kit will be provided. Showers and toilets are on site.

Are there any restrictions?

Minimum age is 16 and must be comfortable in water. Maximum weight is 120kg. Unsuitable for pregnant ladies or those with heart, back or neck conditions.

Anything Else?

A Liability Release Form will need to be signed on the day.

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