Harness Zorbing for One

Harness Zorbing for One

Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride of a lifetime with this Harness Zorbing experience

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Let’s get ready to tumble! Get your heart racing with this Harness Zorbing experience. This unique extreme sport will see you strapped down inside a giant 12′ inflatable ball, before enjoying the ride of a lifetime as you are rolled down a steep hill – reaching speeds of up to 30mph! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you might even fear for your life a little bit as you roll and bounce down the hill; but with a safety harness and 3-foot of air between you and the ground, you’re always entirely safe.

Extra information about this Extreme experience

Upon arrival at the site you’ll be booked in and be given the opportunity to watch other participants while you wait in a designated safe area until it’s your turn to ride. Next you’ll be strapped into your harness and taken to the top of the hill where you’ll have your safety briefing on how to ride the Zorb safely. Finally you’ll take your place in the Zorb and experience the ride of your life! Please note that you will share your experience with another participant as 2 people must always be present in the Zorb due to health and safety. On the day you are advised to wear a crew neck top and comfortable trousers as you will be wearing a full body climbing harness inside the Zorb. In addition all jewellery, belts, socks/shoes, must be removed.