Half Day Thai Cookery Class

Half Day Thai Cookery Class

Learn how to cook tasty Thai cuisine with this fantastic half day course

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This hands on course will teach you how to create delicious Thai dishes through a mixture of demonstration and practical lessons. You’ll be involved in each step of the process to ensure you leave feeling capable of creating the same dishes at home. With a maximum of 6 participants per class you’re sure to pick up top tips and secrets of Thai cookery in this intimate and friendly environment.

Extra information about this Lifestyle experience

This half day cookery class takes place every Saturday afternoon and lasts approximately 3 and a half hours. You’ll receive tuition from authentic, friendly and knowledgable Thai cooks. This experience is participatory so you’ll get hands on in the kitchen and all ingredients are included. Class size will be small; no more than 6 people, and you’ll receive a set of recipes for your dishes as well as the dishes you cook to enjoy at the end of the class. Your class starts with an introduction to Thai ingredients (and substitutes) and the key flavours in Thai cooking – sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Through the class and an ‘active tasting’ approach, you will learn how to create these flavours and, importantly, how to balance them. In each class 3 dishes will be covered as well as the pastes and sauces that go with them. For curry dishes, all curry pastes are made from scratch. There is no need to have any previous cooking experience, just a love of food and a willingness to experiment!