Guided Brewery and Beer Tasting Walking Tour

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The craft beer renaissance is in full swing, and nobody remembers nor cares what life was like before it arrived. Explore the endless tastes, strengths and stories of this happy, hoppy phenomenon with a beer tasting walking tour. Choose from happening cities including London, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Cheltenham and Cardiff. A tour guide leads the way between several very special breweries, allowing beer-lovers to go behind the scenes of the brewing process. Behold the towering steel tuns in which the magic happens, and retire to the taprooms for a guided sampling session. Some of the tours include a few nibbles, some include a beer to take home but all will make you want to stay for longer. Raise a toast to the amber nectar with a definitive beer tasting tour.


Selected Fridays in Cheltenham and Saturdays at all venues (at least once a month, often more) throughout the year.


We advise bringing a brolly.

How long does the experience last?

The tour lasts around four hours.

How many other people?

Share the tour with between four and 18 other ale enthusiasts.

Can I take people to watch?

Most tours are exclusively for paying participants, although friends are welcome to join them in the brewery store afterwards.

What do I wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and sensible, closed in shoes (not heels) as the ground can sometimes be slippery.

Are there any restrictions?

As this experience involves alcohol, the minimum age is 18.

Anything Else?

Please be aware that beer sampling is only permitted for participants who are not driving.

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