Gold Drifting Experience

Gold Drifting Experience

Discover the thrill of drifting and enjoy a passenger lap!

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Get ready to glide with this exhilarating drifting experience! You’ll put a stunning drift-prepared Mazda MX5 through its paces as you learn all about this unique and exciting approach to driving, or if you fancy something a little racier, you can always upgrade to a BMW M3! Under the guidance of an expert instructor you’ll learn a variety of drifting techniques including J-turns, handbrake turns and power over steer, before taking to the track with several adrenaline-pumping circuit drifting sessions. Your experience will also include a fantastic instructor-driven passenger lap – a chance to see how it’s done by the professionals!

Extra information about this Driving experience

This experience is a great introduction to the exciting world of drifting! Throughout the day you’ll have the chance to put a drift-prepared car – the Mazda MK2 MX-5 1.8S, equipped with roll-over bar and the all-important Torsen limited slip-differential for ease of drifting – through its paces under the guidance of an experienced professional. Your experience will begin with a theory classroom session covering the principles of car control and safety briefing, before you progress to learning handbrake turns. After getting to grips with losing traction you’ll master donuts using power oversteer, before learning about linking drifts, incorporating management, correction and recovery of oversteer. After a break for lunch you’ll familiarise yourself with weight transfer dynamics on a fast corner – including breaking traction with the Scandinavian flick and lift-off oversteer weight transfer dynamics! Your full day experience also includes a 50 lap high-speed circuit session with additional laps in a race-prepared BMW M3, as well as an adrenaline-pumping passenger hot lap – hold on tight as your expert instructor glides around the track at top speeds! Your experience will end with a debrief with your instructor.