Floatation Experience For One

Floatation Experience For One

Relax as you gently float in a tank or room that takes you away from all the world’s stresses

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Close your eyes and feel the tension float away as you lie back in a shallow pool of warm Epsom salts. Enjoy the feeling of total relaxation undisturbed by outside distractions such as sight, sound and gravity. During your floatation session you will have complete control over the lighting inside and if you choose to fit your ear plugs, you can enjoy a completely silent, relaxing experience. Music will begin to play indicating the end of your session.

Extra information about this Pampering experience

On arrival you will be given a short briefing about floating and have any of your questions answered. To ensure your privacy at all times each floatation room is situated in its own lockable room equipped with showering facilities, for you to use before and after your float. The door to the float tank does not lock, it is motorised which opens and closes at the push of a button. Doors to rooms and tanks can be easily pushed open so there is no danger of ever getting trapped inside.