Ferrari and Lamborghini Driving Thrill

Ferrari and Lamborghini Driving Thrill

Drive the incredible Ferrari and the amazing Lamborghini for 6 miles each

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Effortlessly combining style, speed and unbelievable power, the Ferrari and Lamborghini are two of the world’s most renowned and respected supercars – and you can find out why with this exhilarating driving thrill. Your adrenaline levels will soar as you take control of both of these incredible driving machines for six miles each at one of 12 locations across the UK. This is your chance to discover the true power of two Italian beasts!

Extra information about this Driving experience

This is your chance to discover the true power of the world’s most impressive beasts! Upon arrival you will be introduced to your supercar instructor, who will give you a welcome, introduction and safety briefing. Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for – your chance to drive the Ferrari and the Lamborghini for six miles each depending on location. You will be able to drive the following supercars: Ferrari F430, 360 or 355Lamborghini GallardoAt the end of your experience you will receive an individual driving certificate to commemorate your day.