F1 Driving Experience in Barcelona

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Join the privileged ranks of those who’ve burnt rubber in an F1 car around the world-famous Circuit de Catalunya. After coffee and snacks, get kitted out in FIA approved safety equipment. Pro instructors lead a briefing, then demonstrate the track in a course vehicle. Take the wheel of a single-seater Formula Renault 2.0 F3 and enjoy bullet-speed while perfecting those racing lines on the 4.6 kilometre circuit. After two 20 minute sessions and debriefs, break for lunch. Then slip into the F1 car (either V8 Benetton B198, V8 Prost or V10 Prost AP04) and savour its spine-tingling speed for three laps. Capable of 0-120mph in under five seconds and equipped with carbon brakes, these cars will take your breath away. If heaven did track days…


Around four dates per year.


Driving could be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions (e.g. snow, ice, heavy rain or high winds) which would make driving at speed dangerous.

How long does the experience last?

Spend ten hours at the venue. Arrive at 7.45am and depart at 5.45pm. Lunch and refreshments are included.

How many other people?

There will a maximum of 18 drivers on the day.

Can I take people to watch?

Accompanying guests/spectators are welcome and there are good viewing and catering facilities onsite. There is a charge of £60 per spectator to include pits access, refreshments and lunch. Minimum age is 10 years.

What do I wear?

A race suit, helmet, race gloves, boots and safety equipment are provided.

Are there any restrictions?

A driving licence is required. Minimum age is 25. Maximum height is 6”’, maximum weight is 16 stone. Drivers are liable for up 4000 Euros if the car is damaged during driving. This can be reduced to 1000 Euros by paying 190 Euros on the day.

Anything Else?

Changing gear is simple with a modern generation paddle shift. There are no rev limits or restrictions on the cars, there is no lead car to follow and there are no speed limits. It is just you in the F1 car and the track.

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