Extreme RIB and Luxury Cruiser Experience

Extreme RIB and Luxury Cruiser Experience

Enjoy a ride on both a luxury Cruiser and the RIB as they dance across the waves together!

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If you can’t decide between peace and adventure then this cruiser-RIB combination experience ensures that you’ll get the best of both worlds! Travelling down the picturesque Solent, the excitable RIB and the luxurious Sunseeker will perform a choreographed routine of turns, crossovers and jumps,- and you’ll get a chance to enjoy both boats, one after the other. Which will you prefer? Do you relish the relaxation or does the adrenaline rush call your name? It’s time to find out.

Extra information about this Water Experiences experience

This experience combines the grace and elegance of a luxury Cruiser with the power and speed of the RIBS, in a highly choreographed routine where the two boats “dance” across the waves together. After an essential safety brief and demonstration of the safety equipment, you will board either the luxury Cruiser or RIB and head out to sea. Your Expert Skippers will manoeuvre the RIBs at top speed creating a whirlwind of high speed excitement – with jumps, turns and cross-overs around and up close to the Sunseeker, while the Sunseeker responds and fights back! You then change boats so that you have the opportunity to experience both. Be prepared for an extreme experience like no other in this 21/2 hour adventure, involving change-overs at sea! Your experience will include a full safety briefing and life jacket fitting before you board the vessels.