Extreme Rally Challenge

Extreme Rally Challenge

Tear through the dirt with a full day of rally driving

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Tackle the toughest terrain with this unforgettable rally driving day! During the day you will enjoy six exhilarating sessions in the incomparable Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – giving you the chance to learn the basics of rally driving before really putting your newly learned skills to the test. With an instructor by your side you’ll master the art of handbrake turns and powerslides at top speeds!

Extra information about this Driving experience

This is the ultimate rally driving course and the perfect oportunity to get to grips with the gravel. The experience takes place over a full day with six driving sessions, and you will be with the same instructor all day to allow you to learn as much as possible throughout the experience! The sessions will take place as follows:Sessions 1-3 These sessions will involve your instructor getting you familiar with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution whilst breaking down the basic rally driving skills for you to learn as quickly as possible. By session three you will have progressed to more advanced skills including the ever-elusive powerslide. Sessions 4-6 This is when things get serious: you will jump back into the incredible four wheel drive Mitsubishi, and in these three sessions you will begin to find your stride and take the natural progression from two to four wheel drive whilst cementing in your new skills!Refreshments are available from the Hospitality Truck. You will need to allow a full day at the venue.