Extended Off Road Driving Experience

Extended Off Road Driving Experience

A white-knuckle ride, with you at the wheel!

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This extended 4×4 driving experience is designed to test both the vehicle and your skill (and nerve) as a driver. As you forge your way across exciting natural and man-made obstacles like water splashes, mud filled ruts and steep slopes, you will be amazed at what a 4×4 will do. The expert instructors will teach you the know-how so that you can develop your skills and confidence with these amazing machines.

Extra information about this Driving experience

On arrival at the venue you will be introduced to the 4×4 and will receive a short safety briefing. Then, with your instructor alongside you, you will be able to try your hand at manouevres such as hill climbing, safe descents and crossing ruts, ditches and mounds. You will be in the vehicle for around 3 hours, and may be sharing the driving with two other participants (At Lincolnshire, you will be sharing with three other participants). You will receive a souvenir certificate on completion of the experience.