Drone Simulation and Flying Experience

Drone Simulation and Flying Experience

Test your reaction times learning to race ultra-fast drones using FPV goggles at the world’s first dedicated track in Nottingham!

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Have a shot at drone racing with this introduction to a futuristic new sport at the world’s first dedicated course in Nottingham, UK. You’ll start off with a simulation to get you used to the speed and agility of these little machines, before progressing on to wearing the FPV goggles and taking control of a beginner drone. Build your confidence, improve your skills and have heaps of fun as you learn how to master such rapid mini-aircraft!

Extra information about this Flying experience

Arrive at the UKDS Racing Arena in Nottingham, check in at reception and receive a tour around the shop with an explanation of the different types of drones on display. You’ll then experience 30 minutes of drone simulation, then 30 minutes flying a beginner drone, wearing FPV (first person view) goggles connected to your drone. To finish you’ll have the option of taking photos on the winner’s podium at the arena.