Cyfieithiad Cymraeg
Clwyd Badger Group
Registered charity number 518271

P.O. Box 708, 18 Earl Road, MOLD, Flintshire, CH7 2AA

Fact File
Area covered: North East Wales from Gwynedd to the Cheshire border.
Newsletters: Published quarterly.
Meetings: Held monthly in Mold, Flintshire.
Membership: Single membership £5 p.a., family membership £8 p.a.
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Clwyd Badger Group is committed to promoting the study and conservation of badgers and to protecting the badger's habitats and interests in present and future setts in the major part of North Wales from Gwynedd to the Cheshire border.

A sick badger recovering at our sanctuary. This badger was successfully released back into the wild.

The group was formed in 1983 and was granted charity status in 1986. CBG is a supporter member of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and affiliated to the Badger Trust.

Anyone sympathetic to the objectives of the CBG is able to join. We are a non party political, non sectarian and non profit making organisation. Volunteers are encouraged to assist with particular tasks and projects. We invite guest speakers to give informal talks on relevant topics at our monthly meetings.

Two members manning the stall at Bodelwyddan Castle, Denbighshire in Summer 2001.

There is an annually elected committee which administers the group, deals with major problems and projects and reports back to the general membership. For example, we have worked with the four local authorities in our area to produce Species Action Plans (SAPs) for badgers (see the Badger Species Action Plan for Wrexham County Borough). Area Co-ordinators deal with routine matters within their own particular locality, reporting back to the committee at the monthly committee meetings.

In 1991 we purchased a wood and 1992 we bought adjoining woodland which is managed for the benefit of all the local wildlife. We have our own sanctuary where injured and sick badgers are treated before being released back into the area in which they were found. The group has also constructed an artificial sett near to one destroyed by a developer in order to preserve the local badger community.

This much persecuted sett has been strengthened with wire mesh sheets, thick wire, heavy logs and brash. The sett is now thriving.

The group provides an information service to members of the public, and we publicise badger issues as much as possible in the media. We have a publicity stand which we take to country fairs, open days etc., where members of the group are happy to answer questions from the public relating to badgers. We also sell a range of badger goods and other items to raise funds.

We liaise and co-operate with landowners, farmers, police, planners, developers, forestry authorities, the public and other conservation groups, providing information and advice wherever possible on all matters relating to badgers. Many areas in North East Wales provide good habitat for badgers and all setts known to the group are recorded, with as many as possible being monitored regularly by individual group members.

Clwyd Badger Group is a member of the Badger Trust
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