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The Badger Group for Northampton and South West Northants

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Image: Badger cubs
Badger cubs

Brockwatch keeps watch over the badger - also known as 'Brock' - in Northampton and South West Northants. We do this by keeping records of badgers and their setts, responding to reports of injured badgers, dealing with potential threats such as developments and persecution, and giving advice where badgers cause problems.

We also watch Brock in a more literal sense. The photograph above was taken at a sett in West Northants where we organised badger watching evenings for Brockwatch members during the summer of 2009. The picture shows three of the eight cubs who kept us entertained during our evenings at the sett.

To find out more about us, what we do, and how you can help us, just follow the links in the margins of this page.

Picture credit: Badger cubs - © Steve Jackson

Image: Map of area covered by Brockwatch

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