Audi R8 Thrill

Audi R8 Thrill

Experience the power of the legendary Audi R8 with this incredible driving thrill

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The Audi R8, sporting a personal endorsement from the infamous Jeremy Clarkson, is a supercar triumph- effortlessly combining 21st century elegance in acceleration and handling that places it at the top of its class. This package includes one-on-one instruction from a professional, giving you everything you need to stand alongside the growing number of driving connoisseurs selecting the Audi R8 as their vehicle of choice.

Extra information about this Driving experience

Your session begins with a welcome and registration followed by a briefing on safety and driving techniques. You will then take to the track for familiarisation laps with an instructor driving (the number of laps varies depending on location – at some locations you will receive one lap and you will not receive familiarisation laps at Stafford, North Weald, Blyton Park or Llandow locations), and then onto the main event: approximately 6 miles of adrenaline pumping foot to the floor action; the actual number of laps will vary depending on the length of the track at your choice of course. At Prestwold your experience will include an exciting 4×4 off-road passenger ride. At the Stafford location spectators will receive a 4×4 off-road passenger ride. You’ll be presented with a certificate at the end of the day to commemorate your incredible experience. Long sleeved shirts, long trousers and soft soled shoes (trainers) must be worn.