Aqua Zorbing for Two

Aqua Zorbing for Two

Aqua Zorbing for two – the super adrenaline thrill that’s made for sharing!

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If you’ve ever wondered what its like inside the washing machine then now is your chance to find out. Sphereing is an extreme sport where you’re rolled down steep hills inside a 12 inflatable sphere at speeds of up to 30mph. However, when Aqua Sphereing, you’re completely free in the ball, with no harnesses, leaving you to slip and slide around inside with thirty litres of water as company!

Extra information about this Extreme experience

On arrival at the site you will both enter the Aqua Sphere for your ride. Hang on tight and expect to be very wet when you reach the bottom. Please note that this experience is weather dependent and runs from the beginning of April until the end of September each year. The business judgment of customer weight/height (or any other restriction) is final and may be decided upon by staff on the day of the ride.