6 Hour Recording Studio Experience

6 Hour Recording Studio Experience

Pop stars eat your heart out – Let someone you love sing and record their very own CD!

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Warm up your vocal chords because you are going to make your very own CD. For a whole day you will be in a recording studio to sing and record your favourite songs. Once all your tracks are recorded with the effects and backing added, you will be presented with your very own CD, complete with printed artwork of your choice.

Extra information about this Lifestyle experience

Before arrival at the studio, choose the songs you wish to sing, so they are prepared for you at the studio. Then it ‘s into the studio to record them – taking as many attempts as needed to get that perfect performance. Effects are then applied and the song will be mixed. During this time you can choose the artwork to appear on the CD. Typically 5 songs are completed in a day, although we have recorded up to 11.