30 Minute Young Driver Experience – UK Wide

30 Minute Young Driver Experience - UK Wide

Let your child get started earlier with a fun, educational driving lesson on one of over 25 realistic road systems

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Get started with driving long before your official lessons start and get a head-start! This half an hour lesson for someone aged 11-17 will take place on a realistic replica road system with signs, junctions and roundabouts and offers the chance to learn to start, accelerate, brake, position the car and even reverse park – all in the latest Skoda Citigo, at one of over 25 locations!

Extra information about this Driving experience

This package includes the following: * 30 minutes driving on a replica road system that represents the UK road, including junctions, roundabouts and road signs. * Each student will receive a personalized Young Driver Log Book. * You will learn the basics of driving in the latest Skoda Citigo.