30 Minute Helicopter Flight and Hover Challenge

30 Minute Helicopter Flight and Hover Challenge

Take the controls with a helicopter flying lesson and hover challenge!

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This is your chance to experience a pure adrenaline rush as your instructor shows you the maneuverability of a modern helicopter – sideways, backwards, round in circles and then the tricky test of concentration and skill – the hover. Then its your turn to take the controls, climb away, take a look at the countryside, then come back down to earth for low-level flying (and we mean low!) and to see if you can handle the hover.

Extra information about this Flying experience

After an introductory briefing, you will take to the skies with your instructor who will show you how to control the helicopter. Then you will have the chance to take the controls for the majority of the flight, giving you a chance to experience what flying a helicopter is all about. A certificate of achievement is presented, signed by your instructor, upon your return.