30 Minute Bentley Young Driver Lesson

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Ideal for those who just can’t wait to drive, this driving experience is run by the UK’s largest under 17s driving school, which follows the Driving Standards Agency curriculum. And it takes place in a luxurious 6.75 litre Bentley Arnage, a popular car among celebrity chauffeurs and one many adults have never had the chance to drive, making it even more appealing to the discerning young driver. The session takes place on a replica road system with signs, junctions, roundabouts and lights, and qualified ADI instructors will show youngsters how to start, change gears, accelerate, steer and brake safely. Available at over 15 locations UK wide, this exciting lesson is a stylish, educational introduction to real road driving.


At least one weekend date every other month per venue.


Driving may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions which would make driving dangerous. Please call the venue if in any doubt.

How long does the experience last?

Expect to be on-site for up to an hour from sign on to debrief, including 30 minutes driving. Please arrive up to 15 minutes before the lesson is due to start.

How many other people?

Briefings are shared, but all instruction is 1:1.

Can I take people to watch?

Each participant must be accompanied by an adult. Parents are welcome to sit in the back while the driving session takes place.

What do I wear?

Wear flat, closed toe shoes which are comfortable for driving.

Are there any restrictions?

Drivers must be aged between 11 – 17, with a minimum height of 4′ 7”. Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Anything Else?

Motoring commentator Quentin Willson took his son to Young Driver and considers them a road safety revolution in the making.

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