25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Pleasure Flight Special Offer

25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Pleasure Flight Special Offer

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an extended helicopter pleasure flight special offer!

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Beautiful rolling landscapes, pristine English fields and eye-catching landmarks: sure, they look alright from the ground. But from the air? Well that’s another story. If you want to truly appreciate the breath-taking nature of the land you call home, it’s best to get up to 1000ft and let it unfurl beneath you; and what better way to do that than in a helicopter? Sure, you could do it in a really tall tower, but you’d probably look a bit weird if you just stood at the top of a tower for half an hour and stared out into space.

Extra information about this Flying experience

Upon arrival you will be met by your pilot, who will give you a short safety briefing. Then it’s into the helicopter, where you will climb up to 1000 feet before flying over the landscape. During the flight your pilot will point out the local landmarks, viewing stunning landscapes from a unique aerial view before gradually returning gently to earth. Don’t forget to take your camera, so you can you can re-live the experience with friends and family and show off your fantastic photographs!